Thinking through methods [7]
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신촌 지역 사회학과 학생 몇이 모여 
John Levi Martin의 Thinking Through Methods를 읽는 세미나를 가졌습니다. 모임은 8주간 진행하였는데 간단한 요약 및 정리를 함께 공유합니다. (작성, 익명)

Chapter 7 Comparing

Experiments in Sociology

Our current assumption is that, in general, the closer we get to sth that could be recognized on a biological level, the more universal it is.

One of the reasons we turn to experiments is that we’re actually a little short of cash.

Some social phenomenon can be investigated via manipulation, at least if they are scaled down so that our causal treatment is a fraction of the real world strength.

Making Stuff up

실험을 통해서 만들어지는 모든 것이 “artifacts”임을 인정해야한다. 실험을 통해서 이론을 검증하려는 시도는 좋지 않다. 좋은 실험은 어떠한 현상이 발생했음을 증명하는 것만을 목표로 한다. 이는 실험 상황에서 사람들이 특정한 방식으로 행동할 수도 있음(can)을 말해주기 때문이다. (Stanley Milgram의 실험)

 자신이 연구하고 있는 문제를 있는 그대로 부를. (We easily confuse the actual phenomenon that we’ve created with some terms that we are interested in…You might be studying sth that has to do with the interaction of groups of American strangers in a safe environment. Very interesting. You might learn about attribution process, eyeblink hierarchies, all sorts of things. But you won’t learn them if you insist on calling them sth else.)

 Just because they can, doesn’t mean they did. What people are is potentialities for action. If you’re closing off all of these potentialities except for one, it’s not surprising that that’s the one you’ll see. So rather than “deduce and test”, we want to make our artifact, and then think about what’s going on….making a series of strategic comparisons focused on eliminating plausible counters…

School Subjects

 실험에 참여할 사람들을 모집하는 일은 생각보다 매우 신중해야한다. The problem of “demand characteristics”가 발생할 수 있다. (the cues that experimenters give off that indicate how they want ppl to behave)

Toward Comparative Historical

The Use of Counterfactuals (p177, p178)  vs.  Objective possibility by Max Weber

Survive the Terrible Twos

 “a contrast of two cases has a near infinite number of possible causes, and he can’t really rule any out” (p180 England Germany 예시)

Just because it happened, doesn’t mean it had to happen.

Big effects don’t necessarily have big causes.

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